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I love talking about personal finances. It’s one of my passions. I have seen firsthand how effectively a life committed to constant understanding of personal finances harvests results outside our wildest thoughts. Because I’ve seen the power of personal finances when done correctly, I’m always fired up to share the principles and practices that will help people make it a habit.

I can sit here and write all day about how you can build an emergency fund, or tell you the best automatic savings app to grow your wealth, or even help you calculate the true cost to attend a super bowl. These are great topics and they are the “how to” of personal finances.

We will get there, but before anyone is ready to learn the

“how-tos” of personal finances, you need to embrace the “why.”

There are several great reasons to learn more about personal finances. It can help us achieve our personal goals. Over time, it creates momentum, which encourages more financial success. But there is one key reason to pursue more appreciation for the art of personal finances that I want to share today. It has the most power to change our lives in every way.

I encourage people to pursue a lifetime of greater understanding about personal finances not just because it will make them manage their finances better, or open new opportunities.

I encourage people to learn personal finances because it INCREASE HOPE.

Personal Finances is The Seed of Hope.

Think about it: personal finance is all about looking forward. You slowly budget each month, you faithfully add money to your savings each paycheck, and then eventually it becomes that beautiful house you always wanted. You look forward to that house every single day.

When we have hope, we allow us to imagine a better future. And hope isn’t just wishful thinking for that you might get there. It’s a firm belief that you will get there.

You are looking at your present circumstances with the firm belief that you have a future.

Planting the seed of growth is not complicated. It’s as simple as a change in mindset. When we choose to decide to believe that excellence in personal finances is possible, and commit to pursuing it, hope begins to rise. The change in focus in only the first step, but it will definitely begin a long and rewarding journey.

A Habit of Personal Finances Supports Hope

Choosing to manage your personal finances is important, but that choice is not sufficient to generate change on its own. Next, you need to accept that personal finances is a gradual practice – that in fact, it occurs one day at a time.

I lost count of how many times the retail industry lure us into their selling game during a 24hrs period – TV commercials, ads on Facebook, twitter, and YouTube, and so forth.

Every day is an opportunity that you need to establish the habit of managing your finances correctly.

Personal Finances Over Time Realizes Hope

Personal Finances over time supports us to act our way into hope. When we take small steps into better managing our finances every day, over time, we see progress. Only then, our wealth has the most potential to be realized.

If you put together enough days of consistent growth, you begin to change as a person and as a family. You become better, stronger, more skilled, or all the above.

And when you change your personal finances, you can change your circumstances. This begins a cycle of personal finances solidifying hope, leading to more financial victories, resulting in middle class liberation.

When you make personal finances a priority and pursue the knowledge to manage it in small, intentional ways every single day, you will vividly, gradually, and consistently create new hope for your future.

Your Journey to Hope

So, as we go along on this journey together, I’m going to provide spaces here and there for you to make a written declaration of what you are going to do or make a choice about what you can do so you can follow up later okay?

Getting your finances straighten out it’s the liberation of middle class mediocrity. It creates momentum to do so much more. It’s just the beginning. It creates hopes for your future self. It leaves a legacy for your kids. It will absolutely change your family tree.

Just a quick tip. Whenever writing goals down, be very specific. The clearer you are, the easier your brain makes associations to accomplish them. Don’t just say “I want to save more money.” Put a number to it and put a deadline. Make it in small manageable goals throughout the process of saving money, in this example. $200 by December. $400 by February. $1,000 by June of next year.

Something like that. It gotta be a tangible goal okay? Something that works for you.

Be intentional with your finances starting today. Why don’t you write something down. One small but intentional act you can do today to liberate and create HOPE in your personal finances?

Take care

– JT


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