Part 4 – Closing The Gaps of Your Financial Success

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Continuing on our discussion about “Closing The Gaps of Your Financial Success”, you’ve learned that gaps exist and they’re limiting you to achieve your financial dream.

On this blog post, I want help you overcome 6 wrong beliefs you might have that are stopping you from building a bridge between your current financial situation and all of your financial dreams.

This is a series of 4 blog posts. Here is a link for Part 1, PART 2, and Part 3 if you want to follow along before reading Part 4 of “Closing The Gaps of Your Financial Success.”

These 6 beliefs are limiting the success you desire, for the lifestyle you truly deserve.

1 – Identify Your Financial Strengths

You need to understand what you’re good at. Sounds simple but when you know what you’re really good at, you know where to focus your attention. Our brains work in a weird way. If we’re not laser focus specific about something, it doesn’t create the necessary connections to make you get there.

Don’t just say “I want to make more money” or “I wish I didn’t have any debt”.

Put a tangible number and deadline to these goals and stick to it. By having a realistic definition of what your financial strengths are and an understanding of what you do and cannot do, you can have the right perspective and do you best to close the success gap.

When you do specify what you want, you are designed to have the biggest impact in your life.

2 – Second, Develop Your Financial Strengths

You’ve taken the 1st step where you discovered what you’re really good at. Now, it’s time for you to not let these strengths lay dormant after you discover them. Don’t let your strengths go to waste.

Identify and Develop – The I.D. of your life.

Constantly search for ways to grow and develop your financial strengths every day. One of the ways I know how to build financial muscle is to invest in you, because you’re unique and you’re gifted. You’ve got dreams, you’ve got lots of potential, and you’re special.

We cannot give, what we do not have.

3 – Third, Connect Your Financial Strengths With Others

Now, you’ve already found and developed your strengths. The third step is to connect your financial strengths with other people. Unless you connect it with others, you won’t be able to make an impact that lasts.

Ask yourself how your specific strengths can benefit other people. After you’ve found the answer, use them to connect with others. Let people know that you want to connect with them, and you can shrink the gap between where you are and where they are.

But don’t forget that financial success, isn’t all about achievement, but rather a journey that lasts throughout all your life. So, by now, you should’ve identified your strengths, developed them, and connected with others. The fourth way to jump the gap to reach financial success is to…

4 – Choose Intentionally To Add Financial Value To People Every Day

This is a discipline that all of the most successful people in the world develop. It’s the ultimate “HOW TO” to achieve something of value and make your world a superior place. Create a daily reminder to add value into your busy schedule, and you’ll begin to see more and more ways to do it every day.

5 – No One is More Important Than YOU!

Average people believes that financially successful individuals are more important than they really are. Often, the more financially successful a person is, the more others want to make them a star. Unfortunately, it’s also true that some jerks out there think that they are more important than everyone else around them.

When you achieve financial success and I know you will if you follow my advises, don’t try to impress or show off your achievements. You shouldn’t be interested in fans. You should connect with your friends. Learn from them. Teach them. The opportunity of the mutual friendship is so great that your financial success depends on this.

Your financial success can be everlasting if you do just that.

6 – A Goal For The Wrong Reasons.

If you’re reading this, I believe that financial success is one of your goals and you’re very close to achieve them. But don’t make your financial success a goal for the wrong reasons. If you think achieving financial success will give you something magical, that life is suddenly wonderful, and provide you with more than it really will, I think you are doing for the wrong reasons.

Hey, I understand that financial success can be great and will do marvelous things for us. It has done beautiful things for my family. But reality is that while it’s great, I recognize that we’re only as good as our last financial mistake.

If you’re a golfer, you might think that you’re a great golfer until your last bad drive. If you’re a salesperson, you’re good salesperson until your last sale that you didn’t close. Don’t rely on past financial success to continue serving you today.

You and I have to continually strive to discover and develop our strengths. We need to use them to help others. This is the only way I know to achieve lasting success that matters.

So, are you with me?

Your friend,


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