Part 1 – Closing The Gaps of Your Financial Success

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Hey, how’s going? You’ve probably heard of the term “Mind the Gap” right? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a warning phrase issued to rail passengers to take caution while crossing a physical gap between the train door and the station platform. They became very famous in London. It’s a safety announcement to all passengers crossing the platform.

This phrase and sign has a simple but impactful principle in our financial life: there’s a gap between where we are, and where we are trying to be financially.  To be successful in life, not just financially, we have to be aware of this gap and be wise when we cross it.

In other words,

We Must Mind the Gaps of Our Financial Growth!

Today, I would like to share with you 5 gaps that are stopping you from growing your financial life.

The Timing Gap: You Feel That The Time Isn’t Right To Begin

If you felt this before, you embraced a philosophy of pro-life. I’m not talking about abortion. I’m talking about pro…castination life. People in this gap want to live today and delay as much stuff they can that requires consistent and diligent effort to perform.

Don’t fall for this gap.

The longer you wait to put your finances in order, the odds increased against you doing anything about it.

The Mistake Gap: You Feel That You’re Going To Fail

Whenever we dare or glimpse the idea of trying anything new, especially in our finances, our brains might take us to this valley. I truly believe we all want to succeed. I’m talking big financial success.

Here are some news for you: we’re going to fail somewhere along the way. From time to time, messing up is going to happen. However, avoiding mistakes doesn’t bring you success – it keeps you trapped at your current level in your finances.

The Inspiration Gap: You Might Feel unmotivated

The most successful people in finances understand that when they do something right, as a consequence, they will feel good about it. The gap comes when you want to feel good before you do what you know what is right.

Our financial life will experience at one point in the road an inescapable amount of pain. But it’s far better to endure the pain and stay disciplined with solid financial principles today than to suffer the pain of regret later and abandon the ship.

The Assumption Gap: You Assume Financial Growth is Automatic

Somehow, maybe by osmosis, you feel like that growth will come to you naturally. Financial maturity and age don’t always come together like salt and pepper.

Sometimes age comes alone.

If you have fallen on this gap, it’s because you didn’t have a plan in place to purposefully improve your financial life. You might had the desires to fix your problems, but you weren’t intentional about fixing them. You have dismissed your financial growth to a point where it might be able hard to manage the growth gap.

The gap that separates your present financial reality to your financial future full of hopes and dreams.

The Knowledge Gap: You Don’t Know How To Grow Financially

You are inside this gap if you spend more time planning your next vacation then your personal financial plan. Do some soul searching and ask yourself why do people (you) dedicate so little attention to such a vital concern in their (your) lives?

I might have an answer for that. I think that those who fall under this category are unwilling to bet on themselves.

Do you agree?

I think they want other people to invest in them, but they’re unwilling to put their own money, time, and name on the line in order to better their financial lives. So, if you don’t expect yourself to succeed financially, why should anyone else do?

Until you are convinced that you have extraordinary potential and confidence that you can accomplish what is stopping you from financial freedom, you won’t care to know how to grow financially.

Would you do me a favor and hit reply to this email because I want to help you overcome one of these gaps?

Don’t worry, I will share more with you on how to overcome all of these gaps in the next part.

Can you tell me which of these growth gaps has been the hardest for you to cross and why?

Your friend,

– JT

PS: This is a series of 4 blog posts. Here is a link for PART 2.

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