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Test with Zion

I truly believe intentional financial freedom is the key to reaching your financial success. Intentional financial freedom helps you travel up the path to become all that you can be. We all need to figure out the best route and make never-ending progress on our way up financial success. It means that more likely than
The Most Important Reason To Learn More About Personal Finances
I love talking about personal finances. It’s one of my passions. I have seen firsthand how effectively a life committed to constant understanding of personal finances harvests results outside our wildest thoughts. Because I’ve seen the power of personal finances when done correctly, I’m always fired up to share the principles and practices that will


5 Reasons To Overcome Your Fear of Credit Cards (with bonuses)
Do you know someone who is afraid to use – or even obtain – credit cards? Many people fear credit cards because they fear credit card debt. It might be your close friend or even yourself who is afraid of credit cards. If you use them correctly, credit cards will offer you lots of great
13 Clever Ways Business Can Save On Taxes
As foolish this may sound, but every year we have to do what? It’s time for TAXES. As a business owner, you have several money-saving strategies to consider before the end of year. Taxes is one of them and it can have a huge impact on the bottom line. It’s one of the places that
15 Quick and Easy Ways To Do Your Own Taxes
With tax filing season getting closer and closer, you might feel like you’re getting flooded in the details, especially if you’re doing your own taxes. On top of all the info you need to collect and file properly, there are new rules you need to be mindful, too. Even if you believe you’re on top


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